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Workout Review: YRG Yoga for Regular Guys

Posted by Shane on December 12, 2007

Looking through the myriad of weightloss and workout books in Borders, I saw a book that I knew I already had at home and had forgotten about. YRG: Yoga for Regular Guys. I had been interested in yoga for quite some time, but most of what I saw on television and in DVD videos were either 1) Too advanced and assumed I already knew the poses 2) Too much with the spiritual side of “feeling energies of past waterfalls” type of stuff or 3) Not challenging enough. I decided that instead of using that coupon, I would go home and read up on YRG and finally give it a shot.

I started to read the book and liked what I read, but when I tried to follow the workout, I found it confusing. I wasn’t sure exactly how to breathe with the moves, or how long to hold them, or even if I was doing them right. I was getting frustrated pretty quickly and figured I was headed back to the drawing board. A little search into Yoga and I found that in addition to the books, YRG now had videos! Score! I purchased the YRG strength DVD 3 pack which includes a 20 minute, 40 minute, and 60 minute routine.

The first thing that I noticed when I received the package is that all you get are the DVDs, there is no documentation, charts, or anything else that indicate how long you should do the 20 minute before you’re ready for the 40 and so on. Fortunately, when you start the DVD, the menu system contains choices that show you how to breathe properly, and shows you ways to perform each move that you’ll see. There’s more instruction on the DVD than I have seen with any other video and that’s a big plus in my book.

YRG is a form of power yoga focusing on breathing, isokinetics, and isometric movements, which in layman’s terms means you’re using your own muscles and body to produce your own resistance. YRG was developed by former pro-wrestler Diamond Dallas Page and he also leads the workouts in tandem with the “Yoga Doc” Dr. Craig S. Aaron. The style is efficient as Page demonstrates and leads the routine while Yoga Doc gives hints, advice, and reminders on how to perform the moves. Page is used to performing in the ring and that shows on the DVDs as he is fun and keeps you motivated. I get the impression that Page is the real deal and not a fake personality like some videos feature. It’s obvious that he believes in his product and is willing to stand behind it 100%

YRG promises to raise your heart rate and kick your ass, and I’m happy to report that is does not under-promise. 10 minutes into the 20 minute workout, my body was shaking and sweating like I had been in a sauna, and this is just from poses and regular moves like push-ups. There is nothing here that a reasonably coordinated person should have trouble with if you start with the 20 minute version. (The 40 and 60 adds a couple of new moves that are a tad bit advanced for the absolute beginner). There are a couple of alternatives to the strength series. There is a routine for people 50 years old and/or 50 lbs overweight and a “fountain of youth” workout which is a step between. The bonus is that the book that I was frustrated with before is now a great supplement to the DVDs and will help me make my own routines when I’m traveling.

Right now there’s not a lot of advertising or PR for the routine, but I understand that in 2008 they’re planning on releasing an infomercial to promote the workout nationally. So as of this writing, YRG is a grass roots effort in promotion. I did receive an e-mail that claimed to be from Diamond Dallas Page asking about my purchase, how I learned of it, and what my goals were, and encouraging me to keep it up. I do not know for sure if it really was him, but I will admit that it helped my motivation and added a few points to my confidence of the purchase.

As for results? Well, I’m 12 days in and I’m absolutely loving it! I have done the workout almost every day so far and a couple of times I’ve actually done it twice! The best thing I can say is that it’s also starting to show on the scale as I’m 13lbs lighter than when I started. As of right now, I’m fairly certain that I’ve found a workout that I can live with for quite a while. I can only hope that Page continues with this line and adds more DVD routines as people advance and get stronger.

Details of Review:

YRG: Yoga for Regular Guys Website

Price: $39.95 + $6.50 S&H for the Strength 3 pack (subject to change)

YRG Strength

This purchase came with Page’s motivational CD (again subject to change) but I have yet to listen to it.

Pros: Great Workout, value, nice instruction

Cons: No documentation on how to judge if you’re ready for the next step

Recommended products for beginners:

A Yoga mat is a MUST! Do not go with a thick one, you’ll want something that has some sticky to it (I’m still looking for a good one myself)

Yoga Blocks and/or straps

Heart Rate Monitor


3 Responses to “Workout Review: YRG Yoga for Regular Guys”

  1. […] sit-ups, or whatever exercise I’m doing. One of the biggest lessons I learned from the YRG workout is how to breathe properly for exercise and every day […]

  2. Rob said

    So 6 months later are you still using the dvds? How have things changed??

    • Shane said

      Well, it’s now a bit later than 6 months and I do break them out every once in a while. I found them to get a tad repetitive (Which I think happens with me and every DVD based workout) but I still like the product just fine.

      I had heard rumors that there is going to be an update, but I have no other information beyond that.

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